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Waterproof Carpets

Waterproof Carpets

“I’m sold!” and “A must!”– these are just some of the reviews homeowners gave after purchasing waterproof carpets.

For anyone with carpeted floors, the idea of carpets being able to resist water and other liquids sounds just like a dream come true.

Waterproof Carpets

Thanks to the advancements in the carpet technology industry, different carpet manufacturers have developed something that would resist moisture, repel soil, keep out dirt, and virtually be stain proof.

Waterproof carpet uses a special system in its fibers to push liquid and moisture back up the surface instead of seeping into the carpet itself. Additionally, the backing is completely water resistant so it’s positive that no water or any other kind of liquid will be able to get through. Waterproof carpets are extremely water resistant that some could even repel up to 25,000 pounds of water!

Having a waterproof carpet can be a game changer – particularly for homeowners who have kids or pets. When you have toddlers, stains, spills, dirt, and any other liquid-related incidents are almost inevitable. The same goes when you have pets living inside your home – and having pets could even be worse primarily because of the cases of pets urinating on your carpeted floors.

Having excellent thermal and insulation properties is also one of the great qualities of a waterproof carpet. On top of that, waterproof carpets were also tagged as one of the softest carpets in the market today. All in all, aside from eliminating the stress from spills and stains, you will also get that warm, snug comfort.

Just like regular carpets, waterproof carpets are available in various shades and designs. These specialized carpets can also be purchased in various types of twists.

These carpets aren’t only ideal for households with toddlers and/or pets, you can also use them outdoors, in the bathroom, and even on pool sides. If you’re not ready to invest in these brilliant carpets but need your current carpets looked after contact the experts in carpet cleaning Airdrie residents have been choosing for years – Steele Carpet Cleaning.