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Discovering Mold Growth in Your Carpet

Mold Carpet

There are so many elements that can damage your carpet – water, fire, sunlight, and so on. Among the harmful carpet elements, mold growth can be considered as one of the most damaging. Since mold is a living organism, it can multiply and spread all around your house under certain circumstances, if not killed and attended to immediately.

Mold Carpet

Also, molds should be dealt with as soon as possible because they can cause various illnesses. Here are some ways you can find out if there are molds in your carpet:

  • Mold grows in the moist or damp environment. So, if you come across mold in your household, and you are sure your carpet was not soaked in water because of major flooding or inadequate drying, you might want to check your pipes for possible leaks.
  • There are ways you can check your home for mold growth. One of the first signs you would notice is the musty odor. If you smell any unfamiliar musty scent in your home, it could be a sign of mold, so you have to check every corner of your house for it — and all your carpets.
  • Mold growth can trigger various health symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. It can also irritate the eyes, leading them to be itchy or watery. In some cases, mold can lead to asthma attacks and allergies. If you (or a family member) suddenly develops these symptoms, it might be an indication of mold growth.
  • If the growth of mold in your carpet has reached severe levels, you will see patches of blackish, greenish, or white on your carpet surface of underneath it.
  • You can have a professional carpet inspection conducted every now and then to easily detect and prevent mold growth in your carpet. As an alternative, you can purchase commercial, ready to use mold kits from stores and do the testing yourself.


Knowing if there is a presence of mold in your carpet is extremely important so you can eliminate the problem as soon as you can. In serious cases of mold growth, it would not be completely removed, and you will be left with no choice but to get rid of your carpet altogether. For the mold experts in carpet cleaning Cochrane chooses Steele Carpet Cleaning.