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Everything You Need to Know About Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Asthma attacks and allergies are often associated with carpets. More often than not, carpets are being blamed by so many people for allergies; there is a common misconception that carpets hoard harmful allergens within their fibers.


The truth is, it really is possible for carpets to harness and spread irritants in the air – but only if you neglect cleaning it properly, regularly. Therefore, it is quite important to keep your carpet clean, not only for them to look great, but for you to actually protect the health of others (and your own health, of course).


Dry cleaning is a popular method used to clean carpets. It is preferred by some people over other professional cleaning methods because it generally involves little to no moisture in cleaning – which means that you basically wouldn’t have to wait for your carpet to dry before you can use it again.


Dry carpet cleaning method, at most times, entails using spread-on chemicals over your carpet. These chemicals take the form of a powder which is left for around 20 minutes on the carpet. Dirt, grime, and other contaminants are broken down by dry cleaning chemicals. Once the contaminants are broken down, they are removed through the use of high powered vacuum cleaners.


The disadvantage of using the dry carpet cleaning method is that this cleaning procedure uses harsh chemicals that can degrade the carpet and could even be too strong for others who have a certain sensitivity to pungent odors.


Also, if someone unskilled has vacuumed the dry cleaned carpet ineffectively after treatment, it is possible that some residual chemicals would be left behind. This is also possible if a high powered vacuum was not used to successfully remove all cleaning chemicals from the carpet. These chemicals can destroy your carpet fibers and might also trigger allergic reactions for some individuals.