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Bonnet Cleaning Your Carpet

Bonnet Cleaning

There are numerous ways you can keep your carpet clean. Regular vacuuming, carpet shampooing, hot water extraction, carpet dirt encapsulation, and bonnet cleaning are just some of the most popular methods used for cleaning home and office carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a popular carpet cleaning method mostly practiced for commercial settings. Many businesses choose bonnet cleaning because it is fairly affordable.


Aside from its economic benefits, carpets dry quicker when cleaned using the bonnet method – which means that it will cause minimal work disruption as opposed to some other carpet cleaning methods; hot water extraction carpet cleaning, for instance, can result in the carpet taking a long time (several hours, some even take days) to be completely dry.


This cleaning method is also easy to carry out, you can even do it yourself if your office is not too big and you have the right equipment.


Bonnet cleaning rids your carpet of the surface dirt leaving it looking deceptively thoroughly cleaned. However, this cleaning method could just be a band-aid solution to a carpet’s dirt problems. This is because bonnet cleaning only cleans the superficial dirt on your carpet and it just pushes the remaining dirt deeper into your carpet fibers – leaving it there, stuck.


Because of this, for obvious reasons, there is countless carpet cleaning companies that don’t recommend bonnet cleaning as an effective means of cleaning your carpet.


Apart from the issue on the quality of true cleanliness, bonnet cleaning can also be abrasive and damaging to the carpet fibers; in fact, frequent bonnet cleaning can actually lead to faster deterioration of carpets. So, if you would think about it, the money you have saved by choosing bonnet cleaning wouldn’t really be money saved if you would use it for early carpet replacement, after all.


Since bonnet cleaning affects the longevity of your carpet, many carpet manufacturers void the warranties of carpets that are prematurely damaged by this cleaning method.