Whenever your office or home in Vancouver needs professional carpet cleaning, Dry Tech Carpet Care is the only name to call.


We have teams of carpet cleaning experts who have completed meticulous training on how to carry out different cleaning styles. Dry Tech Carpet Care is capable of removing almost every type of stain – mud, wine, sauce, chocolate – even inks and oils.


Among the services being offered by Dry Tech Carpet Care is eco-friendly carpet cleaning. If you are particularly selective about the types of cleaning materials to be used on your carpeted floors, just let us know and we will see what we can do to grant your request. We can use environmentally-friendly, non-toxic sanitizing agents if you prefer.


Dry Tech Carpet Care can also do carpet treatment services on top of carpet cleaning methods. We can help in maintaining your carpet’s good condition and in protecting it against future stains.


We clean carpets through the use of different processes such as steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, encapsulation, and carpet shampooing.


To inquire and schedule carpet cleaning with Dry Tech Carpet Care, simply pick up the phone and dial our number. We are happy to take your call any day of the week, from 10AM to 5PM.